2018 in review.

A few highlights from my Year in Knitting, 2018 Edition:

Vintage Fairy Lights Socks

I knit ten pairs of socks for the Box o Sox Challenge hosted by Voolenvine.  Yet again, I fell short of twelve, but I now have ten new pairs of socks that are full of awesome.  If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the very first pair, the Vintage Fairy Lights I knit in January.  The pattern is by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade and I'm more than just a little enchanted by the "sparkles" in the ribbing on the cuff.  Yarn is by Up in Yarns, "Graffitus" colorway, which is gorgeous and perfect.  (I think Lorelei has slowed down yarn dying, more's the pity for all of us, but I'm thrilled to have gotten ahold of this skein while I could!)

Outer Baby Blanket

My biggest undertaking had to be the Outer Baby Blanket by Leslie Scanlon of Mac & Me.  I knit this in under a month in order to be able to gift in person.  Which was so worth it because the recipient is one of the most knitworthy people I know and it was a special moment to give it to her. Her baby was born just a couple weeks ago and he’s super cute and healthy. I can’t wait to meet him.

A.S.A.P. in “Telegraph” by MadelineTosh

I knit it out of MadeineTosh A.S.A.P. in "Telegraph."  Which is an amazingly cool colorway.

Tuku Honey Socks

My favorite project to blog about was my Tuku Honey Socks by Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits.  I think it was my first of Andrea's patterns and my first Fleegle heel.  And it's not my last of either!  I knit them out of yarn dyed by Once Upon A Corgi, which you can read about more in my blog post from April.  I found that I truly enjoyed getting to know Gabby a little better in the process of putting together the project and post, so, in another instance of something that was my first that certainly won't be my last, you can look forward to more interviews in 2019…

Marie Cutie by Once Upon a Corgi in “Ghoul Haunted Woodlands of Weir”

This Once Upon a Corgi yarn is the one that graces the homepage and header for Yarnscaping.  And I think it's deserved!  

I'm noticing a trend in my favorites, have you?  I'm veering toward steely neutrals with warm highlights.  All of these have an edgy, metallic feel and I love it.

In other news, there's another new blog on the block called Behind the Needles, created by Asia Muth.  I've enjoyed it so very much and was honored that I was recently featured. Go check it out to virtually “meet” these amazing knitters!

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!  Just for fun, here's another pretty yarnscape to end the year on a yarny note:

Twist Light by MedlineTosh in “Gentle Monster”